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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"Your book ‘Trust God for Your Finances' is a very balanced presentation of this subject and I commend you for this. Our firm is a distributor of Christian books and we would like to see your book in this country." (England)

"I respect you very much for exhaustively seeking and writing out scriptures on financial Biblical principles. I appreciate the directness of your writing style.” (California)

"Your book hit me right between the eyes. Many Christian books do a good job of packaging, but none of them hit me as much as what you said and how you said it." (Georgia)

"This is the most balanced and scriptural book I have ever seen on this subject. I want as many of our people as possible to read this book." (a pastor in Washington)

“I would like permission to translate Trust God for Your Finances. This book is badly needed by the people of Turkey. Your books and your Scripture cards have been very helpful to my wife and myself. Thank you for your help.” (Turkey)

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