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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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“I have never read such a book as this. The verses in the Bible in this book are very real to a human with financial needs. Through reading Trust God for Your Finances I was able to feel the Holy Spirit touch me. I had a peace of mind and heart. I thank and praise God and Jack Hartman because he is a glorious vessel in the sight of God.” (a pastor in India)

"I was in great need of financial help. As I began to read the book, doors started to open. I started to receive money from God. After reading your book, I prayed for $6,000 to get out of debt and buy a car. God gave me even more. I praise God for the blessings and for you. Besides the Bible, this is the second greatest book I have ever read. Things happen from God through this book. God bless you." (Rhode Island)

"I found Trust God for Your Finances at a book fair. I went through the book and wrote each and every scripture on a card. I have about 230 Scriptures. I handwrote them. I figured I needed the verses for instruction and direction. I have 40 that I carry with me each day. I wish I could convey to you how much help Trust God for Your Finances has been for me. It is helping me immensely. I feel fortunate to have this book." (Illinois)

"Thank you for your remarkable and very helpful book, Trust God for Your Finances. I am in total agreement with this powerful message. Please tell me how I may procure permission to utilize the contents in a teaching series in my local church and in other churches." (a pastor in Georgia)

"I have promised your book to several friends. I can't wait to get your other books to help me in my journey. I thank and praise the Lord for men like you who have 'been there and done that' and have put your time, efforts, trials, etc. into books and study guides." (Texas)

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