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Testimonies - The book "God's Wisdom Is Available For You"

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“I have read all of your books and they have blessed me richly. I appreciate your packing your book with Scriptures. Your new book on wisdom increases my determination to meditate continually on the Word of God. I am doing what you suggested by always having something on hand to write down what I am learning from the Lord. I have note pads everywhere. Enclosed is a check for fifteen copies. I plan to send these books to a Bible college in Nigeria.” (Tennessee)

“Your book on wisdom is a great book. I really like the way that you make every point based upon specific Scripture references. This book was an inspiration to me. I read the whole book in five days. When I went out I couldn’t wait until I could get back so that I could start reading it again. I couldn’t put the book down. It blessed me no end. I am now going to read it very carefully a second time and make notes.” (Florida)

"As a new Christian I love reading and learning from God's Wisdom is Available to You. The significance and availability of God's wisdom is overwhelming and something I never want to be without. I read a chapter each morning. This reading helps me to seek God's wisdom throughout the day. I intend to give copies of this book to many people I know who can benefit from the wisdom and Scripture in this book. I love this book! (just in case you couldn't tell.) Enclosed is a check to order ten of these wonderful books to give to others." (Massachusetts)

“Your book on wisdom opens up a whole new way of learning and receiving from the Bible. It gave me new and powerful insight into the Scriptures. This is a tremendous book for both new Christians and seasoned believers. I am so grateful for what you have done. I want to get this book into the hands of my children and my friends. Enclosed is an order to get us started.” (Colorado)

"I have read many of Jack Hartman's previous books. They all are excellent, but Jack and Judy's book on wisdom beats them all in my opinion. The chapters of this book are well organized and clearly written. Readers can't help but be inspired by this book. This book brings God's wisdom (and its availability to me) right down to basics. The teachings of this book are so pure and so simple. Thank you for writing this wonderful book. " (Maine)

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