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Testimonies - The book "How to Study the Bible"

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"Your book How to Study the Bible has really helped me. I don't read the Bible any more. I study it and I thank God for the big improvement this book has made in my life." (Texas

"Your book How to Study the Bible has helped me very much. I am an organized person and I like to write down and file information. This method is exactly what I've been praying for. Thank you for writing this book." (Mississippi)

"I must say after reading Jack Hartman's book How to Study the Bible that I felt like I am starting all over again. Wow! May God's rich blessings be yours." (Louisiana)

“I've read almost all of your books and they are outstanding. The one that blessed me the most was How to Study the Bible. The study part was excellent, but the meditation chapters were very, very beneficial. I'm indebted to you for sharing these. I purchased 30 copies to give to friends. Every earnest student of God's Word needs a copy." (Tennessee)

“I am incarcerated at this time in a prison in Georgia. I thank you very much for your book How to Study the Bible. I fell in love with this book. I read it over three times before I put it down. This book has been such a positive factor in my spiritual life that I really feel super close to my God and my Lord Jesus Christ.” (Georgia)

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