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Testimonies - The book "Increased Energy and Vitality"

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"Last year I obtained a copy of your book Increased Energy and Vitality. My wife and I have read it and have in fact changed our ways of eating and drinking and exercising because of your influence. We thoroughly appreciate this God-centered message that is so well presented. I have enclosed an order for more of these books. We know many people we wish to help. This is our first step in spreading the news you have so generously put together. Thank you for your efforts. May God continue your leadership in writing, speaking and guidance." (Illinois)

"I am presently reading your wonderful book Increased Energy and Vitality. It is really good and I'm enjoying it immensely. I would recommend this book to everyone. You may certainly use my name and you have 100% permission to do so. May God bless all your wonderful work. I can tell that you love God and I think you are serving Him well. He will bless you for it." (Arizona)

“Mr. Kaplan has been in the ministry for more than 50 years. He is in his late 70s and he still jogs 3 miles every day. Mr. Kaplan is very impressed with Increased Energy and Vitality. He believes this book will benefit many people, particularly elderly people. He is interested in purchasing a substantial number of copies to offer in his magazine and on his radio broadcasts.” (Arizona)

"I just recently completed reading your book Increased Energy and Vitality and I am impressed. By God's amazing grace I turned 79 on August 20 and I still work part-time two days a week. I do not believe God intends for us to retire from life. Thanks for your fine book - God is in it! Bravo to your wife, Judy Hartman, for her part in this book. God bless you and keep you in Christ Jesus." (Maryland)

"I appreciate the book Increased Energy and Vitality. If you want to harvest energy, you have to invest energy. I am walking 45 minutes each day. It really works. Last week we had a checkup. We are really healthy. The doctor said that walking is the best advice we could give to anybody.”

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