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Testimonies - The book "Quiet Confidence in the Lord"

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"Today is my 72nd birthday. Your book Quiet Confidence in the Lord was sent to me from my sister in Florida. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a veteran of World War II and I am fortunate in having pretty good health. In my visits to the Veterans Hospital here it is painful for me to see that many patients who are in need of faith. I think your book would help many of them to cope with their problems. I would like to order 10 of your books to give some of the patients." (Virginia)

“Quiet Confidence in the Lord is with me at work each day. I read and underlined passages that lift my heart and help me to understand something I've known all along and that is that I am not alone and that God cares very much that I'm in the midst of great adversity. I asked God to send me a comforter, someone who would put their arms around me and say,' I understand and I care.' The answer to that prayer is in you and Judy. Thanks to Quiet Confidence of the Lord I am, for the first time in my life, learning to focus on God and not my problems. Thank you both for your ministry. Your books are a tremendous blessing to the hurting people all over the world." (Washington, DC)

One month after receiving the preceding letter from the woman in Washington, DC, we received a subsequent letter in which she told us about a co-worker who was fired from her job. She said, "She was terrified. She is alone, divorced and has no money. She passed by my desk and saw your book on top of my Bible. She said to me, ' I really need that.' I didn't want to give it to her because I need the book so much. I gave the book to her but, to tell the truth, I've been a little down since then. I wanted to keep it for myself because I had not finished it. I actually feel like I lost a friend. Gail came into the office the other day to show us pictures of her family. They were observing Passover. Gail is Jewish! I had no idea. She said, ' the book is so wonderful. People have asked me why I'm so calm about losing my job. It is because of the book. Whenever I read Jesus, I just say God.”

"Quiet Confidence in the Lord has made a great difference in my life. I have been a Christian virtually all of my life, yet as I grow older, I realize how difficult and complex life can be. When I began reading your book, it started to make real sense to me. I tried to put into practice many of your suggestions. I kept on reading and found that the more I read, the more sense it all made. Eventually I realized how much I needed to turn everything over to God and then relax because it would be taken care of. I had tried this many times before, but never really knew how to turn things over to God. After thoroughly reading your book I can now give my problems to God and believe they will be taken care of. My level of anxiety is a fraction of what it used to be. There are so many wonderful thoughts in your book that I cannot even begin to address them all. Your books truly seem to be divinely inspired. God's blessing on all your future endeavors." (Wisconsin)

“I want to send you a personal thank you for how the Lord has used your writing in my walk with Him. Your books are wonderful, wonderful… I keep going back to Quiet Confidence in the Lord. I have written many wonderful things in this book and underlined, etc. It is wonderful how the Lord has used your writing from His Word. Thank you for your ministry. May the Lord continue to keep his hand on you and yours” (Massachusetts).

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