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Testimonies - The book "Receive Healing from the Lord"

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“God has given you His inspiration on your healing book. This is a great book. You present God’s Word in a straightforward way. My wife and I use this book daily. We also use the scriptural principles for our financial needs and for needs in other areas in of our lives. We speak the Scriptures out loud and meditate on them continually. We have given several copies of this book to others. God bless you.” (New Hampshire)

“Your new book on healing is just what the doctor ordered. This book is so refreshing. It produces hope. You have inserted the appropriate Scripture throughout this book like a skilled surgeon. Thank you so much for this excellent book.” (the Philippines)

“I am enamored with your new book on healing. This book makes a lot of sense. It is a book that everyone should read. The reader does not have to be sick to be helped by this book. My health is good, but I needed this book and did not even know it. The wisdom on its pages has strengthened my faith in God, the Word of God and the mission of Jesus Christ while He was on this earth. It also has planted seeds that will help me to live a healthier life. My faith in Jesus Christ was strong before I read this book, but my faith is now stronger. Jack and Judy, thank you for this great book. May God continue to bless your ministry.” (Massachusetts)

“Your book on healing contains the principles for natural laws of health and spiritual laws for health and well-being. You have skillfully orchestrated these principles to explain the pattern for receiving divine healing and keeping it. This book is a MUST READ for every pastor and believer.” (Florida)

“Your healing book is awesome. It is unbelievable. This book is so simple. It is phenomenal. I am so happy to have read it. Many people will be helped by this book.” (New Hampshire)

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