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Testimonies - The book "What Will Heaven be Like"

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“I am the Youth Director of our church and I’m leading a group of high school students in a Bible study of your book on heaven. We all respect your opinions and have found your book to be an excellent springboard for discussion. It’s thought provoking and informative. This book has much substance and is well organized.” (California)

“Thank you for the free books you sent me. I read What Will Heaven Be Like? and I became a Christian immediately. Jesus Christ is now my Savior. I have started preaching to others who need Christ. God bless you and your family and all of your ministry workers. Please send me more of your publications.” (Ghana)

"Although I am an ordained minister and have studied Scripture, I have never heard heaven described as you did in this book." (a pastor in Connecticut)

"I have just finished reading your book What Will Heaven Be Like? It is marvelous. My dear husband just passed away. His heart was truly right with the Lord. I am so thankful that he is in the beautiful heaven that you described. Your book gave me great peace and great anticipation of what the future holds for Christians. God bless you." (New York)

"A dear friend gave me your book What Will Heaven Be Like? after the death of my mother. She thought it would comfort me during such a difficult time. My mother was an extremely spiritual woman with great knowledge of God's Word. I have never had any doubt that my mother is with the Lord; however, after reading What Will Heaven Be like? I know vividly what her home is like. I thank you for painting this amazing picture of heaven for your readers. I have shared this book with several friends. Enclosed is a check for 10 more copies." (Florida)

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