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Testimonies - The book "What Does God Say?"

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"I am not a good reader. I have always had problems understanding what I read. I am amazed how quickly I have been able to understand the contents of What Does God Say?. I gave my life to Jesus Christ as a result of reading this book. I am looking forward to continuing to learn from the Scripture references in this book and from your explanation of the Scripture." (Florida)

"Thank you for your new book What Does God Say?. I love it. It’s fantastic. This book is just what I was looking for. I would like my family to have copies. Could you send me six copies and an invoice? I think this book will be your best book ever. I still keep going back to some of the old books for encouragement and spiritual reflection." (Wisconsin)

"What Does God Say? explains everything so clearly. I went to Catholic school but this is different. I skip around because I like Revelation. The interpretation is pretty cool. I haven’t read a religious book in I don’t know how many years. I’m a regular Bible reader." (Florida)

"I just received your new book, What Does God Say?. I want to thank you for it. I started reading it immediately. Your ministry is greatly appreciated. This book will be a great help to me as I get many questions on many subjects and I will find the answers much quicker." (Prison chaplain)

"What Does God Say? is fabulous – very helpful. I’m amazed at how much information you enclosed in one book. Please send me five more copies. I want to share this book with my family and friends." (Florida)

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