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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"We are so impressed with this book. We are incorporating some of your material in our teaching sessions. We feel that every Christian should read this book carefully, meditate upon it and then follow the recommended principles. Praise the Lord for the sane, balanced approach." (an evangelist in Canada)

"Your book is in wonderful balance. The anointing of God goes through every page. It must be spread out all over the world." (Denmark)

"Thank you very much for your gift of books and meditation cards. They have comforted me and helped me very much. Your book, Trust God for Your Finances, has given me much help. I can give you my witness that the Lord Jesus Christ is feeding me and my family even though we don't have any resources. Please send me other books and cassette tapes to minister the Word. We are preaching the Word of God in local churches by walking on our feet for up to five hours. The churches I am serving in are unable to give contributions. Please pray for us." (a pastor from Ethiopia)

"I do not even have my G.E.D. but this book is so simple in detail that I am excited about understanding it." (Texas)

"God bless you and this precious Jack Hartman God has given wisdom and knowledge to. I am handing this book to the young singles and married in our church. Our pastor is preaching a series of sermons on the contents. Hallelujah!" (California)

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