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Testimonies - The book "Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace"

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“Thank you for your new book on worry and peace. This book is great. It is so interesting that I can’t put it down. I definitely will read this book at least twice. I am convinced that I need to meditate consistently on the Word of God. Please send me all ten Scripture cards and the ten cassette tapes that go with them.” (Florida)

“Thank you for the volume of Scripture mined on the subject and made available for study in Exchange your Worries for God's Perfect Peace – a useful handbook. How mightily the Lord uses you! Only heaven will reveal the vast range and the penetration of your witness and influence. God bless you always in all ways.” (Georgia)

“Thank you very much for your superb new book Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace. The timing of this book is perfect, particularly the chapters on the past, present and future. We are thankful to the Lord for you. You are powerful and mighty in His eyes and ours – a true inspiration. We thank God upon every remembrance of you. Warmest Aloha Blessings.” (Hawaii)

“Your new book is wonderful. I continue to be amazed and awed by your work. Your writing is definitely from God. I love your style of writing. It is very encouraging. I like the way you tie everything together with Scripture. This book is very loving. I am filled with God’s love when I read it. God bless you.” (Maine)

“I really like your new book on peace. This book contains a large number of chapters, but each chapter is short, concise and to the point. You get to the ‘meat’ very quickly in each chapter. Your books are out of this world. God works through you. You have pulled the Scriptures together and explained them very simply. As you know, we have given away well over one thousand of your books. We are excited about giving many copies of this new book to people who need it.” (Iowa)

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