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Testimonies - The book "100 Years from Today"

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"I find it hard to put One Hundred Years from Today down. I read the whole book in a day and a half. I never knew how much pain and suffering Jesus went through to pay for my sins. I learned how much He loves us." (Florida)

"One Hundred Years from Today has really made me open my eyes where I will be 100 years from now if I keep going in the direction that I have been going. I will be cast into the lake of fire. I have made the decision to go down the other road.” (Florida)

“I thought your book One Hundred Years from Today was a really good book. After reading that book I realized the pain that Jesus went through just for us. I also realized that if we want to get into the kingdom of God we have to get reborn spiritually and accept Jesus Christ into our hearts. From what the book says the kingdom of God sounds like a beautiful place and when I die that is where I want to be. I also learned that no matter how I act there is always one person who loves me and that is the Lord. After reading that book, when I get lonely and think that nobody cares I just think to myself, God loves me and this is just part of the plan He has for me.” (Florida)

“I have read One Hundred Years from Today and it helped me understand that if I give up and try to learn about Jesus that He will take care of the rest. The book was real interesting. I learned a lot of things I didn't know. I like the book because I can read it and relate very well to it.” (Florida)

"One Hundred Years from Today helped me to understand that I need to get my act straight with God before it is too late. Our human thinking is almost the opposite of the way God thinks. It doesn't matter who you all are or what your background is. God will save you if you repent and mean it from your heart." (Florida)

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