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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"I was reading Trust God for Your Finances and decided to write you a letter and share with my brother my joy. All my life I was studying and learning by my strength, but when Jesus came into my life I saw everything in a different way -- that I was not living right. Before Jesus I was a very big sinner. Now I would like to give to people love. I would like to share the love with people -- to witness to them and to share the new things Jesus gave to me. Your book pushed me do this thing by the principle of God's Word because you put it in the book and explain God's words. Everything I have mentioned I came to the conclusion that I must follow those principles that you put in your book according to God’s Word which is to serve the Lord and give God glory. By this way many people will get to know Jesus. I got from your book the challenge. This is the second book I have read in my life. I rewrote your book in my notes. This is very good news for unbelievers." (Ukraine)

"Your book ‘Trust God for Your Finances' is absolutely terrific! You wrote it so clearly and in such a relaxed manner that anyone at any level can certainly understand it! Praise God!" (Minnesota)

"I was so pleased with your book ‘Trust God for Your Finances’ that I would like to order ten more. You brought the instructions across so simply that anyone that reads it can do it." (Wisconsin)

"Your book Trust God for Your Finances is the best I have read on the subject, drawing from the whole counsel of God in a balanced and Biblical way. Jack Hartman is to be commended on his fine work." (a pastor in England)

"Your book is wonderful. I have an inner city mission and I am sure that your book will be a blessing to people who are looking for a way out. I am ordering ten books for our church. I have really been blessed, and I hope to start teaching a Sunday night class when the books arrive.” (Kansas)

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