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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"Trust God for Your Finances is one of the books that has made an impact on my life. I have never highlighted so much text in a book as in this one. Thank you, Jack Hartman, for such an inspirational, motivational and life-changing book. Please send me information to order more books and cassette tapes." (Texas)

"Trust God for Your Finances is an awesome book. I buy ten at a time and hand them out. Jack Hartman is a guy who is not out to make a lot of money on God's Word. He has hit the nail on the head. He is from the old school. He is basically giving these books away. There is no glossing over. Some others aren't sending the pure message." (South Carolina)

"I recently read your book Trust God for Your Finances -- and what exciting revelations I found throughout! I have been a Christian for more then twenty years, but I never understood the significance of or the how-to of meditation on Scripture. I have been able to carve out daily time for prayer and Bible study and meditation on Scripture even though I thought it impossible with my schedule of caring for five young children and home schooling the two oldest. Thank you for writing such a practical, easy to understand book and basing it so solidly on the Word of God!" (Georgia)

"Over the past ten years it has been my privilege to know Jack Hartman. I don't know of anyone that I respect more as a Christian writer and friend than him. His writing has made a tremendous impact on my life. My company was struggling financially. We were having trouble keeping up with the growth of the company. Following Jack's principles in Trust God for Your Finances has blessed our company in so many ways it is difficult to count them. Because of the success that I have obtained through following the principles in Jack's books, I became so impressed with the principles that I have given thousands of his books away. I have given one to each one of our accounts -- over 5,000 of them. Friends, relatives and anyone who will listen to my story have received Jack's books. We conduct a seminar for fifty of our dealers every other month to train them on our products. We also teach them marketing skills and suggest ways for a successful life. As part of our training program, we give them Trust God for Your Finances. I can't begin to tell you what this book has done for many of our attendees. It is not a book to be read and then set aside. It should be read and practiced in daily life. If you believe the messages and promises and do as Jack suggests, I guarantee you success and happiness in your life. I will continue to give the books away in any quantity necessary to help people. I am not an educated man nor do I have a business background, but I have some thoughts on how God would like to have the company run. I learned these ideas through Jack's writings and the Bible. In one of my meetings with our bank directors I handed them Jack's book and said ‘This is how I intend to run my business.’ They are good Christian men and they allowed me time enough to show them that the principles worked. We now have an extremely strong relationship with our bank and we are one of the most successful companies in the health food industry." (Wisconsin)

"I have just finished reading your book Trust God for Your Finances by Jack Hartman. It really is a source of blessings to me and the other brothen who have read it. I'm writing on behalf of a group of Christians in Italy who are interested in translating this book into the Italian language. What you please let us know the conditions that are required?" (Italy)

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