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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"I never wanted to read your book Trust God for Your Finances. I have always been thinking about my financial problems only -- what to do? How to overcome them? Once my Lord helped me to open this book I found exactly what I was looking for. India stands second in population and first in unemployment in the world. Though I am well-educated, I didn't have any job. I was on the streets and I got your book from Christian meetings I attended. After reading and learning so much from this book I started putting the principles into practice. I 100% agree with you that one should meditate on Scriptures and totally rely on them. After doing this I received an appointment as a teacher of English in a small private school. My eyes were filled with tears. I believe this book must be brought into our Indian languages. My wife and I are praying for your ministry." (India)

Rev. Moses Ebenezer, who is the president of India Gospel Fellowship, speaks of Trust God for Your Finances as the book he values next to the Bible. Pastors are asking for more copies. We are believing God for funds for a reprinting of Trust God for Your Finances in Tamil. The message of God’s provision through His principles and His power is evident in India. Reverend Ebenezer said that his ministry income grew 300% in the year after he began to understand God's principles of finance.

"As a Nicaraguan running away from totalitarism I am trying to settle down in Guatemala for the benefit and protection of my wife and 2 small boys. Your book 'Trust God for Your Finances' has provided me a method of getting my teeth into the Word of God. It also provided me with the tools to rearrange my way of thinking about life, world, money, possessions, etc. May God bless you for helping beginners like me into His ways." (Guatemala)

"I have been turned off by similar titled books in the past. To my pleasant surprise, I believe your book is scripturally sound and helpful to the Christian community. I believe you to be a spiritual person, one that God desires to use." (Germany)

"I must tell you how much your book, 'Trust God for Your Finances', has meant to me. I wish I had read it ten years ago, when I first began my dental practice. It would have saved me much financial woe." (Mississippi)

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