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Testimonies - The book "God's Wisdom Is Available For You"

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"I originally made a goal to read one chapter of the book on wisdom every day as part of my daily meditation and fellowship with God. However, sometimes I get to the point where even one page is more than enough for me. Sometimes even just one Scripture is enough. I stop and meditate on that Scripture reference throughout the day. This book is tremendous. It is just overwhelming. Sometimes I can only take very small bites of it because it is way too much if I try to read it too quickly." (Wisconsin)

“I thank God each and every day for Jack and Judy Hartman. When I started reading your book on wisdom everything was going wrong in my life. This book revived my spirit and my faith in God. It has changed my life. The Bible used to be like Greek to me. Now I can read it and understand it. I can’t put this book down because I know I need to absorb it. I’m going through it for a second time. This book is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I thank you both and I thank God.” (Florida)

"You did a fantastic job on this book. It is an encyclopedia on God's wisdom. The writing style is just great. Many books don't bring the reader through the subject the way this book does. I'm very impressed with that. You have made it a real joy for me to study and re-digest Scripture. This book has been very good for me." (North Carolina)

“Your book covers the depth, length and the width of wisdom. I have never seen a book like this one. It is a great treasure to protect for future generations. The English readers of this book are very fortunate. I am working diligently on a Tamil translation. I believe that this translation will change the poverty of Indians and bring riches, honor and long life to India’s people.” (India)

“I found that, once I started reading God’s Wisdom Is Available To You, I could not put it down. When I read this book I feel that God is personally speaking to me and instructing me as I turn each page. I found myself highlighting so many paragraphs of this awesome book that I finally decided to reread the book in its entirety. The numerous Scripture quotes are an invaluable resource to anyone who wants to share in the gift of God’s wisdom. Jack and Judy, you have made something profound readily comprehensible.” (New Hampshire)

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