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Testimonies - The book "How to Study the Bible"

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I have just finished your book How to Study the Bible. Mr. Hartman certainly has a gift for simple but dynamic Bible teaching. Please send me 20 more copies. Tell Mr. Hartman to keep up the good work." (Texas)

"My wife and I are utilizing the Bible study method that you explain in How to Study the Bible. We are really growing spiritually as a result. Our old methods of study were not nearly as fruitful. Thanks for writing about your method." (Idaho).

"How to Study the Bible is a tremendous book. Please send me ten copies. I want to give these to different people in the church." (a pastor in Kentucky)

"Your book, How to Study the Bible, has helped me and opened my eyes. Because of this book I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. Now I am a Baptist preacher. Please help me to help others. Bless you in His name." (A pastor in Ghana)

"Your book How to Study the Bible is the best I've ever read. It is excellent." (Germany)

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