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Testimonies - The book "Never, Never Give Up"

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"When I received your book, Never, Never Give Up, all was well in my life. I was supposed to be married when I graduated from the higher institution of learning, but this marriage never materialized. The lady I loved so much suffered from migraine headaches and eye pain. She suffered in great pain for almost a year and then she died. In all of this journey of suffering I read your book three times. The contents are so meaningful to me and built a good strong character in me. Though my fiancé died and went to be with the Lord, God saw me through that problem. Never, Never Give Up was a timely book. It is written simply and is easy to understand. I pray that the Lord will continue to use your ministry to help people who are going through tough times." (Zambia)

“I can’t begin to express adequately how much of a blessing your books have been to me. This is some of the finest Christian writing I have encountered. God has anointed you. Keep writing. Your pen is a scalpel of a skillful master surgeon. I am ordering an initial ten copies of Never, Never Give Up.” (Australia)

"I gave Never, Never Give Up to a woman who was severely injured in a horrible automobile accident. She suffered severe brain injuries and she now has limited motor skills and a speech impediment. This lady said that your book is ‘awesome’. She reads it every night. She asked me for more copies to give to other brain injury victims at a conference she was planning to attend." (Florida)

"Thanks for being there when you are so very much needed by all of us. After seven major operations (including cancer) I am beginning to walk again and help others which is the full purpose of my existence which Jesus Christ has set before me. Your book Never, Never Give Up, stayed by my pillow along with the Bible while I was recuperating from these operations. When I reread it I was charged with peace and energy again. The pain diminishes and I can speak of God's infinite love and mercy to others who are facing similar trials. Thank you for writing this God inspired book." (Florida)

"Suicide has shown its face in my mind. I found myself falling deeper and deeper into the pit of hell. My life seems so grim. I cannot see where I can make a difference and was planning to believe that if I chose to leave this life it would not matter. When I received Never, Never Give Up I read the first three chapters that evening. When I arrived at page 90, your verse changed my life. I want you to know that I have been delivered from this season of trial. I rededicated my life to the Lord and feel wonderful. Thank you so much for your work. Through our Lord you have saved my life. Thank you for my life back." (Texas)

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