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Testimonies - The book "Nuggets of Faith"

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"I love your book Nuggets of Faith. I am sick and depressed. This book has been simply wonderful in helping me through it all. I read it at night while waiting to fall asleep. I have never read anything so clear and simple that ministers to my whole body." (New York)

"Today I walked into the store where I work as a store manager. I was told that I was no longer needed. Praise Jesus that only two months prior to this date I had accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. I have faith that the Lord was working to bring me to a new direction. I am writing to thank you for your excellent book Nuggets of Faith. The moment I arrived home after having been dismissed I received this book in the mail. I completed the short but awesome book in a little over two hours. It has helped my faith to grow stronger and I know that I will begin a great new journey tomorrow. God bless you." (New York)

“Nuggets of Faith has transformed my way of thinking. I have let other people here in jail read this book. I was a Christian before I read this book, but reading it gave new meaning to me. It made me cry happy tears. I believe the message will help change new and old Christians alike.” (New Hampshire)

"We give Nuggets of Faith to people who are hospitalized, for birthdays, to saved and unsaved. Everyone who has received one tells us ‘It’s the best little book I've ever read.’ It's so clear and easy to understand.’" (Indiana)

"Please forward 10 copies of Nuggets of Faith. This is a great book. We are giving them to families we take food to. We put them in baskets for the needy. Thank you very much." (Oklahoma)

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