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Testimonies - The book "Quiet Confidence in the Lord"

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"In such a stressed and panicked society, the message in Quiet Confidence in the Lord certainly is timely. At this time we are in a series of messages entitled 'Winning over Mental Torment.' Your book is really helpful in sharing the heart of God as to how we should walk in daily peace and victory. Thank you for being a blessing to others!" (a pastor in North Carolina)

"Please send me 10 of your wonderful books Quiet Confidence in the Lord. This book has been my strength and inspiration these many days when I have been dealing with my husband's Alzheimer's. This also has been a godsend to so many that I have shared it with. God bless you." (Oregon)

"My wife read Quiet Confidence in the Lord while she was in the hospital giving birth to our fifth child. She said this book is the perfect book for a woman who has just had a baby. Thank you for this anointed book." (South Carolina)

"Quiet Confidence in the Lord is a beautiful book. I gave it to my son and daughter-in-law who were going through a crisis with their new-born son. He became very ill and was in the ICU in the hospital. They were encouraged by this book. The baby is doing much better now." (California)

"Mr. Hartman, once again I am being blessed by your books as I go through a time of adversity and struggle. I have been taking Quiet Confidence in the Lord to work. The Scripture references give me strength. From the time I was a small child a lack of confidence has plagued me. Your book full of Scripture is such a blessing. I am enclosing a love gift in appreciation of your ministry." (Tennessee)

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