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Testimonies - The book "Receive Healing from the Lord"

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“Your great book, Receive Healing from the Lord, has amazed me. This book has been my daily bread. I have followed all of God’s instructions in your book. My children and my wife were healed from severe illness. I was sick myself just before an important crusade. I meditated on the Scripture in your book for the entire night. I was totally healed. The following day God did wonders as He healed many people. Since then people have been coming to receive their healing at our home and church almost every day. Many healings are taking place at our services. This book is wonderful. I am abundantly blessed by it. I thank God for this book and I thank God for Jack and Judy Hartman.” (Zambia)

“Receive Healing from the Lord is a magnificent book. This book is written with care and intelligence that only could have been accomplished through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is a brilliant and easy to understand presentation about something that is for many an impossible subject. This book is presented with such clarity that even a child can understand it and be healed. Every doctor in the world should have a copy of this perfectly crafted book. God bless you. Keep up the good work.” (Alabama)

“I am so blessed by your comprehensive book on divine healing. This book is a monumental masterpiece. The Holy Ghost has written this book. Glory be to God that you have obeyed Him. You have presented dynamic scriptural instructions for Christians who are sick that will enable them to progressively increase their faith for divine healing. You obviously have put a lot of labor into this book. Many people will be blessed by it.” (Florida)

“Your book on healing is absolutely awesome. This book is exactly what I need and it arrived precisely when I needed it. I was immobilized in a hospital bed as a result of a blood clot in my leg following surgery on my knee. I received your book in God’s perfect timing while I was in the hospital. There is no question that Jesus Christ has paid the full price for my healing. You laid out all of the facts from the Bible beautifully. This fantastic book is invaluable. Thank you very much.” (Iowa)

“Thank you for writing Receive Healing from the Lord. I have experienced great joy from reading this book. I feel a wonderful closeness to Jesus Christ. The questions and answers at the end of the book are great. I often take the book with me when I go out. I read some of the Scripture Meditation Cards on healing every day. Thank you, Jack and Judy.” (Minnesota)

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