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Testimonies - The book "What Will Heaven be Like"

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“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your books. I truly enjoyed What Will Heaven Be Like?. It sent goose bumps up my spine. I was truly blessed.” (Kansas)

“I’ve looked at several books on heaven and bought some, but none had the depth of the Holy Spirit in them as your book on heaven. I want to express my appreciation for the way the Spirit wrote through you.” (Kentucky)

“At a recent meeting with 25 Costa Ricans your book on heaven was discussed for more than four hours. As we talked I translated large portions of the book into Spanish. We discussed this until well after midnight. We were blessed by this excellent book!” (a missionary in Costa Rica)

“Enclosed is a check for twenty more copies of What Will Heaven Be Like?. This is my third order. There will be more.” (Indiana)

"On the very first page of your book on heaven I was spellbound. The material read so quickly and coherently that it was like having a conversation with a Christian friend. I could really feel the excitement as you talked about the throne of God and its radiance. Those who are curious about heaven will be so delighted and joyful when they read this book. I think the questions at the end of the book are a great idea. This look is a ready-made classroom treasure. I was deeply moved by the gentle loving approach and the manner this material was presented to me, the reader. I can hardly wait to read your other books. You have gained a new fan and admirer of your special way of presenting the kingdom of heaven and God's love for us." (Mississippi)

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