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Testimonies - The book "What Does God Say?"

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"I have never seen a book like What Does God Say?. This is more than a book – it is a complete manual. I am very blessed by the way you have simplified this book. I preach from this book on Sundays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It is always with me so that I can preach and teach to any group without notice. I thank God for you and I thank Him for your ministry which has helped many so people here." (Pastor in Zambia)

"Our class meets for two hours each Sunday morning to study and discuss your new book, What Does God Say?. The class has grown from eight people to almost thirty people each week because people in our class are telling others and they are joining this class. This is your best book yet. We begin each class by asking people to state their biggest problem. Once the problems are defined, we choose which of the topics in the book to discuss. This book is sweeping throughout our church. The pastor has ordered several copies to give to every lay leader in the church." (Iowa)

"What Does God Say? is a very comforting book. I live and minister in a Third World country where poverty, pain and sickness are all around me. I am able to use this book no matter what situation exists. Giving out to others continually sometimes drains my spiritual batteries. This book gives me a chance to feed my soul and get encouraged again." (The Philippines)

"I absolutely love your new book What Does God Say?. I marvel at everything you have included. This book is beautifully written. It is logical and makes a lot of sense. This book gives valuable perspective to people in many important areas of life. I have ordered fifteen copies to give away. These are almost gone. I soon will be ordering more. Thank you and God bless you." (Massachusetts)

"I am blessed by all of the good thoughts and Scripture verses in What Does God Say?. I cannot put this book down. There are so many rich promises in it. I know this book will strengthen my faith as I meditate upon the verses. You must have spent many hours writing this book. May the grace of Jesus be with you as you reach out and help the needy and hurting around the world. Continue to work for Jesus until He comes again. God bless you." (North Carolina)

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