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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"Your fantastic, rich book on finances God's way is truly the most unusual book that I have ever read. This book really cleared things up for me. I do thank God for you putting your insights into print and for the Lord giving you these beautiful insights. They are magnificent." (Illinois)

"I am thrilled with your book on finances. I am praying that it will draw every reader closer to Jesus. I can hardly put the book down. God bless you for teaching His Word so simply and beautifully." (North Carolina)

“My husband and I are very impressed with the book. It is just what we need. Can you rush this order? I have several people waiting to read the book. I can't let mine go because I am still absorbing it." (California)

"Your book Trust God for Your Finances is tremendous and has helped me very, very much. I found your book so interesting and knowledgeable and it excited me so that I found myself reading too fast just to find out what was ahead. The second reading of your wonderful book has helped me tremendously. Jack Hartman, you are gifted from God. I think that every Christian should have a copy of this book. God bless you." (Illinois)

"I'm writing to compliment you on your book ‘Trust God for Your Finances’. I read it with real joy, and have shared it with several men in our church, as well as parts of it with the congregation. I commend you for your splendid work." (a pastor in Florida)

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