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Testimonies - From inmates in prisons and jails

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“As I write, I am in a prison cell in South Africa awaiting trial. I write to thank Mr. Jack Hartman for his book Soaring Above the Problems of Life. I really do not know what I would have done without it. As I read through the pages, light dawned on me and I got comforted and understood why it is necessary that we go through a season of adversity.” (Zimbabwe)

“The free books and Scripture cards you sent me were so much more than I expected. I was moved almost to tears. May our Lord bless you one thousand times over for your generosity. I now have four of your books in my library. I dedicated my life to the Lord in part to your book One Hundred Years from Today. I have loaned this book to five other men. Four of these men also have turned their lives over to the Lord. Hallelujah!” (Florida)

“Thank you for all of the boxes of books you sent to our ministry. Seven boxes went to a prison here in Nashville with 1,200 inmates. Six boxes went to a prison ministry in Georgia. The couple who run this ministry love the book Soaring Above the Problems of Life. They gave these books out like candy.” (Tennessee)

“I have for a long time tried to control my life when I should have let God take the struggle for me, but pride in me took over and I didn’t trust the Lord, so I failed. Now I am changing my fear and anxiety to welcome the Lord into my life. I found your book, Deep Inner Peace, here in jail and I like it very much. This book and the Bible are all I read.” (South Dakota)

“I am incarcerated at this time in a prison in Georgia. I thank you very much for your book How to Study the Bible. I fell in love with this book. I read it over three times before I put it down. This book has been such a positive factor in my spiritual life that I really feel super close to my God and my Lord Jesus Christ.” (Georgia)

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