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Testimonies - From foreign countries

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“At a recent meeting with 25 Costa Ricans, your book on heaven was discussed for more than four hours. As we talked, I translated large portions of the book into Spanish. We discussed this until well after midnight. We were blessed by this excellent book!” (a missionary in Costa Rica)

“Your book, Trust God for Your Finances, is in wonderful balance. The anointing of God goes through every page. It must be spread out all over the world.” (Denmark)

“Thank you for the free books you sent me. I read What Will Heaven Be Like? and I became a Christian immediately. Jesus Christ is now my Savior. I have started preaching to others who need Christ. God bless you and your family and all of your ministry workers. Please send me more of your publications.” (Ghana)

“As a Nicaraguan running away from totalitarianism, I am trying to settle in Guatemala for the benefit and protection of my wife and two small boys. Your book, Trust God for Your Finances, has provided me a method of getting my teeth into the Word of God. It also provided me with the tools to rearrange my way of thinking about life, the world, money, possessions, etc. May God bless you for helping beginners into His ways.” (Guatemala)

“We find your material to be so readable and up building. Your writing communicates a clear and fatherly concern for the edification of the believer. Trust God for Your Finances is a tremendous book. Your book by far is the most thorough and systematic work I have read to date. The church here in Greece has a great need for this book.” (Greece)

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