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Testimonies - The book "100 Years from Today"

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“The free books and Scripture cards you sent me were so much more than I expected. I was moved almost to tears. May our Lord bless you one thousand times over for your generosity. I now have four of your books in my library. I dedicated my life to the Lord in part to your book 100 Years from Today. I have loaned this book to five other men. Four of these men also have turned their lives over to the Lord. Hallelujah!” (Florida)

“One Hundred Years from Today has helped me to accept Jesus as my Savior. Your book shed whole new light on the subject. I used to think I was too bad to be a Christian. Thank you for writing this book. It has changed my life.” (Florida)

"I'm a fourteen-year-old male. I first acquired your book One Hundred Years from Today when I was trick-or-treating at your house on Halloween. I read the first chapter and then got tied into other things. After three years I found the book again in my room. I started flipping through it and I fell in love with it. That night I read the first two chapters. I was hooked. Every night I would read another chapter. It was so interesting and easy to comprehend. I underlined in pen everything I've found that I never knew. I learned so much. I gave a copy of your book to my friend. He is in the midst of reading the Bible now. Before he wasn't ever sure what religion was. He loved your book. We now have another topic to discuss other than baseball in school. You have really helped me. You're in my prayers at night. God bless you and thank you." (Florida)

"I'm writing to express my deepest, most profound appreciation for your book One Hundred Years from Today. I read the book in one sitting, reading the words out loud to myself. My written words could never express how grateful I am to you. By my actions, a changed life and a sense of peace, I hope to bear fruit by helping others." (Florida)

“One Hundred Years from Today helped me understand the Bible. It was very easy to read. What you wrote in your book put me on the right track. I understand the Bible a lot more. Thank you very much.” (Florida)

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