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Testimonies - The book "Conquering Fear"

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“I had my baby one and a half months early. I’ve been in the clinic for five nights. The baby weighs only four pounds. It was a bit frustrating when the baby was ready to deliver and there was no doctor. I’ve been reading Conquering Fear while here. It has been very helpful.” (Peru)

"I am highly elated for the gift of books you sent to me. They have worked wonders in my life. I was a very fearful person. I was unable to forge ahead in life because of fear of failure and other related fears that the kingdom of darkness tormented me with. I meditated on the scripture in your book Conquering Fear and believed with my whole heart. Truly Christ has finally broken the bondage of fear in my life. I was shy, angry and withdrawn because of my fear of inadequacy. I am now a happy, goal oriented and determined person. I sincerely say that I love and appreciate you for all the books you have sent us and for the wonderful work you are doing for the Lord propagating His Word." (Nigeria)

"The book, Conquering Fear, is a very tremendous help to me and the world in general. It has helped me to get away from that satanic power which used to possess me some time ago. It also has delivered me from fear. Thank you." (a pastor in Ghana)

"Conquering Fear helped me to learn about God. If I believe in the Lord and study His Word I have nothing to fear because I am His child. I have been reborn and I am much more content with my life and the situation that I'm in. Every day I wake up I feel good about myself. I am more than glad I have found Jesus. Thank you again for your books that help me to understand His Word." (New Hampshire)

“I was so happy to read your book Conquering Fear. I learned so much and continue to learn. I understand that God wants me to be a woman who stops suffering and becomes strong and happy. Today I evangelized in a slum and in an orphanage. I have turned my house into a place of refuge for those who need it.” (Brazil)

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