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Ways to Study the Bible

The Bible is God's message to you. Before you receive Jesus Christ into your life, the Bible may be difficult to understand. Once you become a child of God, the Holy Spirit will reveal the meaning of the Bible to you every time you read, study, or meditate upon it. The phenomenon is that every time you are in the Bible, new meaning can be revealed. The Bible is a never ending well of truth, instruction, and wisdom. You can never reach the depth. You will keep learning and growing in God's wisdom every day of your life.

At different stages and times in your life your free time will be limited. Determining to and disciplining yourself to read three chapters a day will be one of the best investments of time that you can make. You will be building yourself up in your faith in Jesus Christ. Talk to God while you read, study, and meditate. Your faith is a relationship with your Father in heaven. The more time you spend with Him the more you will become like Him. Make the time you spend your most treasured time in the day, the one you look forward to the most. Then walk with God all day long, talking with Him, praying as you go about your day. Live in the presence of God consciously. He loves you so much. He created you to have fellowship with Him as well as to carry out His plan and purpose on earth.

Focus upon your relationship with God. If your time is totally limited, such as when you have small children or you have more than one job to make ends meet during these difficult times, find times during the day when you can stop and focus upon God and enjoy Him. You will be strengthened, energized, and empowered to be more than you ever thought you could be in many areas. You are living in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

There are many ways to study the Bible. Jesus Christ is in every chapter of the Bible. He is the Word of God made flesh.

  • One way to begin is to read the gospel of John. Read it as if you are there. Live it. Picture in your mind what you read. See it. Make notes of verses that are especially significant to you. See Jesus as He lived His life on earth and learn what He taught and what He instructed you to do in His name.
  • Then read the other gospels: Matthew, Mark, and Luke in the same way
  • Read a chapter of Proverbs every day. Reading this chapter out loud with your family will engrave on every family member's heart the consequences of good and the consequences of evil. You could not invest your family's time in a better way. Have different members read aloud. Have each one choose one verse that stands out to him or her. At the end of the day ask each family member of one of the verses came out in a conversation naturally. Every family member can bless others with God's principles that are in operation. People don't know these principles today. They are in operation just like gravity is. Living God's principles can only be done in the power of the Holy Spirit Who lives inside of every believer. Learn to live in the Spirit of God and not according to the whims of the flesh.
  • Especially when you feel stressed, read the Psalms. They will give your emotions healthy exercise. You will cry and you will shout! You can read the 1st, the 31st, the 61st, the 91st, and the 121st, and then the 2nd, the 32nd, the 62nd, the 92nd, and the 122nd, and so on every day of the month. You will have read the whole book of Psalms in one month. This is a joyous experience. So much of Bible history is mentioned in the Psalms. You will be so encouraged! Your love for God will soar!
  • Plan to read through the Bible one time every year. If you read three chapters in the Old Testament and two chapters in the New Testament each day, you will complete the Bible in one year. You need to see the whole picture of God's plan and purpose.
  • You can choose a topic to study and mark the verses that cover that topic. Keep them written in a notebook. Soon you will have your own study of that topic. You can mark your Bible with the colored hi-lighters, one color for each topic you have chosen. You can use a different Bible each year and choose new topics to color and list in your notebook. Be ready to share what you are learning with others.
  • Carry verses with you all day long. Learn three verses on each topic that interests you. Learn one verse. Then learn the next and connect it to the previous one. Then add the third verse. If you learn the verses in groups of three, you will be able to remember them. Then, when someone brings up a topic, you will be ready to share what God's Word says on that topic. You will also encourage yourself in the Lord by the verses that you know in your heart. You will be surprised how many verses you can learn if you learn three each week or even if you learn one each week.
  • You can study the Bible by studying one book at a time.
  • You can study the Bible by studying one character at a time.
  • You can study the Bible using one of our books because they are filled with Bible verses.
  • You can study the Bible by using one of our sets of Scripture cards because they are filled with Bible verses.
  • You might like to gather a few people together and study one of our books. There are questions in the back of each one that you can answer together after you have read a chapter.
  • You might like to study a set of our Scripture cards as a family, reading one card together each day and talking about it as well as carrying one of the verses with you and meditating upon it all day.
  • Get into the Word of God and get the Word of God into you Learn I Corinthians Chapter 13 Let God's love flow through you to others each day. As you grow in the realization of how much God loves you, you will be an instrument of God's love to others
  • Study Romans Chapter Twelve
Here's a start, finding your place in the family of God:

God has a plan for your life. He has equipped you with special gifts. God's plan for you will be in the area of your passion. Look in Romans, Chapter Twelve and see what describes you.

Romans 12:4-8 Are you strong in the gift of 1) of prophecy, of discerning right from wrong 2) of serving others 3) of teaching 4) of encouraging others 5) of giving to others 6) of administrating and setting things in order 7) of doing acts of mercy (helping the hurting)

Which gift describes you the most? We all do whatever is set before us, but there is one and sometimes two or three of the gifts that we do as naturally as breathing. Develop your gift. Give of yourself in ways that use this gift to bless others. Look for ways to grow in your areas of strength.

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