About Lamplight Ministries

Lamplight Ministries, Inc.

The mission of Lamplight Ministries, Inc. is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ on a solid financial basis to the ends of the earth through the biblical writings of Jack and Judy Hartman.

Jack Hartman’s Need – God’s Answer

The ministry began in 1983 when Jack was about to go bankrupt and have a nervous breakdown. A friend told him that if he gave his heart to Jesus Christ and immersed himself in the Word of God, the Bible, Jack might not have to go bankrupt.

Jack met Jesus Christ. Jack’s life was changed. He searched the Bible for everything he could find about finances. He put the verses on three by five cards. He carried them with him. He discovered that God owns everything. Jack also discovered that God’s ways are often exactly opposite of man’s ways. Jack learned that living to give, giving as a gift of gratitude back to God, is one of God’s secrets to receiving God’s sufficiency. God’s sufficiency is God’s supply in every area of life.

Jack was able to avoid bankruptcy and pay everyone back. People began to ask Jack what happened, so he began a Bible study with eight people in an upper room of the Northeast Planning Associates, Inc. office (see northeastplanning.com). The Bible study kept growing and had to move to the Holiday Inn, then to the Sheridan Wayfarer, and then to the Southside Junior High School cafeteria (Jack remembers getting mustard on his shirt cuffs from the tables). The next location was Memorial High School. Finally, land was purchased in Bedford, NH; Faith Christian Center had a home. A strong missions’ program was born as well as a Christian elementary school. The fellowship grew to a thousand people worshiping together on Sunday mornings. Jack was the Tuesday night Bible teacher from 1975 until 1989.

Jack was an avid golfer from age 13, when he began as a caddy, to age 81. He made six holes in one!

Trust God for Your Finances Is Born!

The notes from the Bible study became the book, Trust God for Your Finances, published in 1983 (now with over 180,000 copies in print and translated into nine languages). The firm is now under the leadership of Ed Hiers, whom Jack hired when he was 22. The firm, NPA, (www.northeastplanning.com), now employs over 100 people-and is an exemplary leader in the insurance industry. Jack continued mentoring advisors on telephone appointments until 2012. Now he still has select NPA telephone appointments.

Lamplight Ministries, Inc. Is Born!

In 1991 Lamplight Ministries, Inc. was born, when Jack and Judy realized that giving was the core of their publishing company. So many lives were being transformed by Jesus Christ in Jack’s books. The ministry was created to allow people who have been blessed by the message of the gospel and the Word of God in the books to be a part of providing more books free of charge, especially to pastors and leaders in Third World nations. Now Lamplight Ministries, Inc. has 33 topical, Bible-based books written by Jack or Jack and Judy. The books are a bridge to connect the reader with the Lord Jesus Christ and the living instruction manual, the Bible.

Connecting people with Jesus Christ is the focus of Lamplight Ministries, Inc. and subsequently teaching them instruction in righteousness, how to dwell in Christ Jesus and walk with God. The goal, also, is to ignite people to be ministers of the gospel through sharing their faith with others as well as sharing Lamplight books with others.

About Judy

Judy is a graduate of YWAM (Youth with a Mission) Crossroads Mission Training, where the goal is to know Jesus Christ and to make Him known. Lamplight Ministries, Inc. exists to take God’s message of love in Christ Jesus across the world, especially to nations where the spread of the gospel is outlawed.

With a Master’s Degree in Secondary Reading, Judy taught in both public and Christian schools. To this day she uses her skills to deliver the Word of God to hungry hearts.

Judy was a founder and director of Ladder Creek Youth Ranch (Omega Ranch) in Scott City, Kansas, where over a hundred young people came to the horse camp each week for free and the counselors trusted God for their finances. Judy is also a John Lyons certified natural horse trainer and is a Level 3-4 in Parelli Natural Horsemanship. She delights in riding horses, tennis, kayaking, and organic gardening.

Jack and Judy Today

Both Jack and Judy’s deepest joy is to divide the Word of God into bite-sized pieces in easy-to-understand language. They feel so blessed to have the joy of delivering the Word of God to whosoever is hungry to hear it.

Thousands of books have been sent to the nations over the years. Lamplight continues to ship books to the nations and now provides e-books and audio books as well for pastors, leaders, and all who want to journey in the Word of God. Jack and Judy also mentor pastors and leaders through email. Jack and Judy each have a blog. Jack’s blog is jackhartmansbibleteachingsage86.wordpress.com. Judy’s is lamplightmin.wordpress.com. We will be so blessed by the joy of keeping in touch with you through our blogs.

Lamplight Ministries Southeast Asia and Lamplight Ministries India

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”’ (Matthew 28:18-20 AMP) We know that the best way to reach nations of people is through someone from their nation who identifies with them and whom they respect. God knit us together with two men who are now ambassadors for Jesus Christ through Lamplight Ministries, Inc.

Lamplight Ministries Southeast Asia Director:
Dr Gideon Tandirerung

I met Dr. Gideon Tandirerung in 1991. I have known him to share Jesus Christ wherever he is and always start a church for Indonesians and others who speak Indonesian. Gideon knows how to thrive when he is abased and to thrive when he has plenteous provision. He has theological degrees and is certified in the John Maxwell Leadership Training. He is the founder of the Global Gospel Alliance Ministry, is a consultant in human resource development, and is a professor of biblical studies. He is a teacher of pastors and leaders, with doors opening so wide to reach multitudes in Southeast Asia. I observed Gideon’s being tried in the fire and that Jesus Christ was in the fire with him. He, his wife, Claire, and their college-graduate daughter, Evangeline are now based in the Philippines, with the goal of reaching Southeast Asia with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Gideon and Evangeline are translating all Lamplight books into Indonesian. Our goal is to print and distribute the books widely on all of the islands where Indonesian is spoken. Gideon’s teaching is already reaching hundreds of God’s generals, leaders, in His army. We are blessed to have Gideon as our Lamplight Ministries, Inc. Southeast Director.

A Foreword from Dr. Gideon Tandirerung for the Lamplight Ministries’ book

“Biblical principles are presented, explored, and expounded in an excellent way for each topic in a topical form. From the hermeneutics or Interpretation approach, Jack and Judy effectively use the Bible verses in a very healthy way and in the best way. My former professor, who graduated from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, applied this approach every time he lectured in my class during my theological training. He just brought a unit of Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek every time he taught. He stated clearly to us that “The best commentary on the Bible is the Bible itself.” Their books are practical in nature and easy to understand and apply in our daily life-both for new believers or mature ones.”

—Dr. Gideon Tandirerung, Lamplight Ministries, Inc. Southeast Asia Director

Pastor Ebenezer Moses
Lamplight Ministries, Inc. India Director

I met Pastor Ebenezer Moses in 1997 in an appointment designed by God. We each felt directed to a place not of our own choosing, but by listening to a quiet voice inside of us. We met and thus began a knitting of Lamplight Ministries, Inc. and India Gospel Fellowship. Pastor Ebenezer read Trust God for Your Finances on the plane ride home to Salem, India in Tamil Nadu. I, Judy, have been to visit Pastor Ebenezer and India Gospel Fellowship seven times. Fifty acres is owned free and clear with the plan to keep building a community, step by step as funds are available. Pastor Ebenezer has a passion to feed the poor. He did not have a pair of shoes until he was sixteen. By God’s grace, he has Bible degrees, is an anointed evangelist, and has a heart to reach all of India with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Ebenezer created the Shepherds’ Council of India, providing counsel for over 2,500 pastors. He feeds over 250 people a feast each Sunday after church, for many their only meal for the day. Sewing machines are provided for the graduates of the India Gospel Fellowship sewing school. Pastor Ebenezer has translated Trust God for Your Finances (copies printed and given to pastors) and The Rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ into Tamil. He will continue to translate Lamplight books. Our plan is to print and distribute them all as we are able. We are so blessed to have Pastor Ebenezer Moses as the Lamplight Ministries, Inc. Director of India.

A Message from Pastor Ebenezer Moses
Lamplight Ministries, Inc. India Director

“Jack and Judy are a great blessing in my life and ministry. Lamplight books are really light in the darkened path of this earthly life for everyone. The words are very simple and very understandable even to the common men. There is a great famine in the Third World countries for God’s Word. Supplying the spiritual food (Lamplight books) free of cost to the pastors of the Third World country is a special and appreciable part of Lamplight Ministries.”

Our Vision

Part of our vision is for our books to be translated into every known language. Our goal is to print and distribute the books throughout each country. Lamplight books have been translated into Armenian, Danish, Greek, Hebrew, German, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Burmese, Hakka Kin, Thai, and Tamil.

Our Invitation to You

Our invitation is for you to join our Lamplight family, primarily to pray for us. The task is huge and prayer fuels the journey. Please contact us through the website or write to us at Box 1307, Dunedin, FL 34698. We are so eager to meet you!

We love you.