God’s Joy Regardless of Circumstances

You can be filled with joy every single day! Would you like to approach every trial and difficult situation with a joyful heart? Would you like to know joy in the midst of sorrow? Authors Jack and Judy Hartman searched the Bible to find what God placed there for us to learn to live in His joy.

In this guidebook to God’s word, you will be ignited by 551 verses of Scripture that show you specifically how joy can and will come into your heart regardless of your life’s circumstances. Its practical, easy-to-understand format for daily life, gives you the tools you need to know what God intends for your life in time of difficulty, hardship and all times where joy has been replaced with doubt and fear. If you are naturally joyful, your heart will sing as you journey through this resource. If your nature has been more negative, you will be transformed by God in Christ Jesus as He tells you that you can have a joyous heart all the time.

Get ready for an adventure in the joy of the Lord!


316 pages

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5.5 x 8.5 inches