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How to Prevent and Eliminate a Virus Naturally
I. Virus: An organism, not a cell, not considered living until it invades a cell
A. Cannot reproduce outside a living cell
B. A single strand or double strand of DNA or RNA or both seek a cell to
C. Reprograms the cell with its DNA or RNA
D. Multiplies, breaking through the cell with thousands of new virus strands
searching for new cells to invade
E. RNA viruses mutate more easily than DNA viruses (SARS, bird flu, West
Nile virus, swine flu, hepatitis, measles, polio, yellow fever and Ebola are
RNA viruses
F. Have two life cycles: lytic and lysogenic cycles
1. Lytic cycle: invades a cell, inserts its DNA and makes thousands of
a. Breaks through the cell membrane killing the cell
b. Each new cell strand invades news cells, repeating the process
2. Lysogenic Cycle: Virus remains dormant inside host cell
(can be for years)
II. The self-healing body fights a virus
A. Through the skin, mucous, and stomach acid
B. Through the immune system
C. Phagocytes give off interferon as protection for cells
D. If unsuccessful, lymphocytes (T and B cells) remember any previous
infection and already have antibodies ready to fight
infections they recognize
E. Problem: Viruses mutate and can be unrecognizable
F. Viruses can work so fast before lymphocytes arrive
III. Common Treatment for Viruses
A. Antiviral medication does not kill the virus
B. Entraps it
C. Keeps it from replicating
D. Must be taken within 48 hours of symptoms or does not work
E. Antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses
1. Kill good bacteria that is needed in the gut
2. Can cause Candida to increase
F. No medication has been developed to kill the virus itself.
IV. Natural Treatment for Viruses
A. Gut health is key: Begin to cleanse with myhdiet Fiber Cleanse
B. A plant-based nutrient dense diet; myhdiet Berry Barley Max is a great
greens choice
C. Exercise
D. A detoxified body
E. Sugar feeds viruses and Candida; no sugar
F. Cranberry/lemon juice sweetened with monk fruit warm or cold
G. Gargle with Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar 4 or 5 times a day
H. A fever is nature’s way to fight infection (not above 102 degrees)
I. Drink lots of liquids
J. Vitamin C, A, D, E, Zinc, Selenium
K. Probiotics; Recommended Professional Strength from myhdiet.com
L. Garlic
M. Echinacea
N. Colloidal Silver: see myhdiet.com
O. Elderberry extract
P. Green Tea
Q. Olive Leaf Extract
R. Pau d’ Arco Tea
S. Licorice Root Tea
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My prayer is that everyone in the world would learn how to build up his or her immune system to be strong to fight off any invaders and to choose a diet that keeps their bodies healthy and fit, in Jesus’ name. Amen.